Yeonjun: What? That is my birthday
Amelia Love 10 hours prior ATEEZ's Wooyoung and TXT's Yeonjun are astonishing artists as well as the cutest best friends! All through time, Wooyoung and Yeonjun have shown their incredible companionship and ATINYs and MOAs can't get enough! All the more as of late, Wooyoung wished Yeonjun and cheerful birthday and skilled him with a sweet present.
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  As many know, Wooyoung and Yeonjun have had a few lovable collaborations! From referencing each other in live transmissions to supporting each other's advancements, the two have demonstrated their dear companionship! |Yeonjun (left) and Wooyoung (right) It was a couple of days prior that Wooyoung held a live transmission where he had the cutest call with Yeonjun. In spite of being incredible companions, Wooyoung neglected Yeonjun's birthday while referencing how their new hit "This feels familiar" is delivered on September 13, which is additionally Yeonjun's birthday. Yeonjun: Babe, reveal to me when the MV comes out Wooyoung: Okay, it's on the thirteenth!   Wooyoung: Really??? Is it truly Yeonjun: YEAH! Shouldn't you know when my birthday is? Since his birthday has come, many fans contemplated if Wooyoung recollected Yeonjun's birthday. One MOA inquired, "Did Wooyoung wish you a glad birthday?" Yeonjun answered that Wooyoung to be sure recollected his birthday! Yeonjun likewise uncovered that Wooyoung gave him a smart birthday present! Like the extraordinary companion he is, Wooyoung gifted Yeonjun for certain nutrients! Consequently, Yeonjun applauded Wooyoung and wished him karma on his advancements for "This feels familiar." Indeed! He likewise sent me a few nutrients. You're so cool, battling on your advancements! — Yeonjun Wooyoung additionally stood up via web-based media about Yeonjun's birthday and shared, "I made an impression on Yeonjun (since) it's his birthday yet he hasn't read it." | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter The two plainly have a cute companionship and Atinys and MOAs can hardly wait to see a greater amount of it soon! Offer This Post Facebook logoFacebook Twitter FOR YOU "The Kelly Clarkson Show" Criticized For Showing A Picture Of BTS...That's Not BTS Ozuna States His Upcoming Single Will Feature BLACKPINK And Megan Thee Stallion 15+ Reactions To BLACKPINK Rosé's Met Gala Appearance That Perfectly Capture What We All Feel Here Are The 6 Reasons BLACKPINK's Rosé Deserves To Be The First Female K-Pop Idol To Attend The Met Gala NEXT ARTICLE BLACKPINK's Rosé Made Fans Go Wild Even Before Arriving At The Met Gala—Here Are The Best Reactions We love her! Records Christine Fernandez Christine Fernandez 10 hours prior BLACKPINK's Rosé is out in New York City leaving a mark on the world at the 2021 Met Gala, an occasion that certain individuals name "the design world's identical to the Oscars." Even prior to showing up at the setting, fans went wild. Look at the best responses beneath! 1. She's a star and she knows it 2. Everybody's tuning in 3. We're "GONE" for her 4. She's coming 5. YSL is fortunate to have her! 6. She's leaving a mark on the world 7. However, the manner in which she sets aside a few minutes for fans 8. We're not prepared! 9. Her dress might look basic however her adornments is shining 10. We're partaking in the entire! Rosé's star power is solid, okay!

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