In the event that anybody follows Or are aficionados of the young fellows come to know well That this band has a story that is slowly nitty gritty. furthermore, was done genuinely Content in every rebound From the principal collection to DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING, they all have an associated story.
  somehow and as you most likely are aware This gathering appeared upon the arrival of a characteristic marvel. no lunar overshadowing It's consistently a sun powered shroud. What's more, the idea that was set up from the start It is identified with this wonder routinely. EXO-Comeback Accordingly, when there will be an arrival of extraordinary work, the group will intend to deliver during the period that this wonder has occurred previously. Or then again leave it on the date that the wonder will happen in the present just, which collection DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING this time has been delivered secret pictures of the individuals from the band individually. Until the day of May 26, there was an astonishment by delivering an image of the seventh part, Lay or Zhang Yiqing, a part from the Chinese side. that he partook in this collection also That makes a ton of shock and happiness for Aew as a result of the rebound with Yi Ching along these lines. It happened last time with Tempo because of worldwide struggle. Moreover, the issue of the flare-up of Covid 19 makes it hard to venture out to join the coal to make MVs. in any case, recently saw that youthful Yixing took part in the collection Only these Aews are cheerful the entire day. As recently referenced That the greatest rebound in 2 years this time will utilize the title tune 'Don't battle the inclination', which the organization gave data that It is a dance melody that can feel the amazing appeal of The verses are carefully assembled by hit lyricist KENZIE, and are said to have the appeal of a young person in when confronted with such countless decisions throughout everyday life. to trust in your own convictions and run openly forward which the idea we have found in the mystery picture Will be isolated into 2 passes, the main pass is a pass that resembles a Marvel film in light of the fact that the young men come dressed as contemporary heroes. sitting on the boat to go out and investigate something As for the other arrangement of photographs, it's an easygoing outfit in a room, which whenever contrasted with the room that was advanced during the tune Power.   will see that it is a similar room The seating position of every part stays as before. The garments are like the first. The situation of the spot that was set in the room everything is something similar But what has changed is that it wakes up. furthermore, look more present day By collection Don't battle the believing', the young men expected to make presents for fans before certain individuals. should serve in the military Even without a live stage According to well known Korean music programs, yet the young men have effectively pre-arranged a live presentation for the fans to miss. What's more, something else that contacts the hearts of EXO-Ls a great deal is that the young men expect to deliver single subtleties with the collection. during the fan commemoration The EXO to deliver new collection 'Don't FIGHT THE FEELING' out on June 7 to arrive at the rebound this time. How kindness the tune be, the means by which incredible the movement in the MV will be You need to hold back to circle back to June 7 as it were. however, regardless We accept that the rebound in 2 years after this collection OBSESSION should make joy for fans and make fans miss the 7 young men without a doubt.    

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